Marilyn’s booklist:


Marilyn Lee Unleashed

Mature Men 4: Baby Come Back

Night of Sin

Long Line of Love 4: Carea’s Touch

Trina’s Afternoon Delight

Bloodlust: Conquering Mikhel Dumont

Bloodlust 2: The Taming of Serge Dumont

Bloodlust 3: Forbidden Desires

The Talisman

A Thing Called Love

Marilyn Lee Sampler 3

Song of Desire Versions 1 & 2

In Blood and Worth Loving

Finding Love Again



Betrayed by Love

Mature Men: Long, Slow Second Look

Mature Men 2: Living for the Moment

Skin Deep

Night Heat

Marilyn Lee Omnibus 3

Marilyn Lee Omnibus 2

In Blood and Worth Loving 3: Kiss

And Eating It Too

His, Hers or Theirs

Sweet Insanity

Stormwaters 2: All of a Sudden

Stormwaters: Family Night

Women of Substance: Just One Look

Shana Mine

Dream Lover

A Cheating Situation

Any Time Any Place

Beauty Is Alisha Hoover?

Blue Desert Heat 1

Blue Desert Heat 2

Blue Desert Tales: Courtesan Seduction

Daughters of Takira: One Night In Vegas

Daughters of Takira 2: Kyla’s Awakening

Daughters of Takira 3: Revelations

Falling Hard

Fantasy Knights

Fantasy Knights 2: Endless Love

In Blood 2-Lost Without

Large, Shy & Beautiful

Loving Large—Yours, Only and Always

Loving Large 2—Yours, Now and Forever

Marilyn Lee Omnibus I

Marilyn Lee Sampler

Marilyn Lee Sampler 2

My Mother’s Man

No Commitment Required: Naughty Girls

Primal Lusts

Secondhand Lover

Secret Lover

Some Like It Male

Soul Mates

Taking Chances: Falling For Sharde

Taking Chances 2: Nice Girls Do

The Dare

The Quest 1: Hunter’s Passion

Torn By Love

Where You Find It


Changeling Press

Bloodlust—Nighttime Magic