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Night of Sin 2: Last Night With You

  Night of Sin 2: Last Night With You The years Makenzie Preston spent running from an abusive and vengeful full-blood have been dangerous and lonely. Although she yearns for an intimate relationship with the handsome vamp who reluctantly rescues her, the last thing she needs is another full-blood problem.…

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Whose Story Shall I Write Next

With two ex-wives and countless broken romances in his past, Shane Reddorn just can’t seem to find and keep a good woman. He quickly loses interest in the women he lands but can’t seem to land the ones worth having and keeping. Then he meets Jenna Sanders, a woman whose charm and humor captivate him. But she looks like the marrying kind and he’s been there and done that.
Jenna Sanders always seems to choose the wrong men and has the romantic scars to prove it. The sexy Native American Shane feels like yet another bad choice. Still the more he says good-bye, the more she wants to call out Baby Come Back.

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