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Stormwaters 2: All of a Sudden





India Darren


Warm lips and strong, yet gentle hands caressed my naked breasts until my nipples hardened. Then a big, male body slid between my thighs, sending a surge of need through me that I felt from the top of my head down to my curled toes.

With my body on fire and my nerve endings screaming for the release that only he could give, I reached out with greedy hands to clutch his hard body closer until I felt the long, hard outline of his shaft pressed against one thigh. Then I wiggled my body in a mindless effort to position him just right so he could slide deep within me with one long, powerful thrust.

He gripped my hands and held them still.

Moaning in frustration, I opened my eyes to look up at him.

The moonlight lovingly caressed his honey-blond hair while almost concealing his dark green eyes—except that they glowed. The handsome face that looked down at me possessed firm, sensual lips and a nose that I loved to feel brushing against my body as he licked a slow, moist trail down from my breasts to my stomach on his way to sliding his exquisitely skillful tongue deep into my aching body.

The feel of his huge length so close made me wild with need. “Why?”

Resting his weight on his extended arms, he gently sucked both nipples before brushing his cool lips against my neck. “Why, what?”

Why did he continually torture me with endless nights of arousal only to refuse to satisfy me until the ache for fulfillment felt like a bottomless pit of despair? “Oh…God. Please,” I begged in a soft, shameless whisper. Reaching between our bodies, I closed my fingers around the hardest cock I’d ever held. The thought of the pleasure his long, thick flesh could give, nearly drove me mad. “Please. Please. I need to feel you inside…deep inside me.”

Rolling to one side, he reached between us to brush my hand away from his shaft.

My heart thundered and my thighs trembled as he slowly rubbed the big hard head of his cock along my slit. I bit my lip and almost hyperventilated as I felt him pressing against me.

And then, like all the other nights of frustration, he was suddenly gone and I lay alone in my bedroom, filled with need.

I sat up in bed, gasping for breath and filled with confusion. I turned on my bedside lamp. I could see no evidence that anyone else had been in the room with me. I blinked. I felt wide-awake yet I must have been asleep.

I glanced down at my breasts. My nipples were hard and my pussy wet. Recalling the feel of the hands on my body, I trembled. It had felt real but it had just been another dream about a man I’d never meet and couldn’t hope to attract if I did.

I sighed and lay back on the bed. After several minutes, I closed my eyes.

Come to me. I await you at As You Like It.

With the words filling my head, I drifted to sleep.


Chapter One


Grayson Stormwater


Lying on a sofa at the country home Liam and I shared with the moonlight streaming through the floor to ceiling French windows, I tuned out my surroundings and thought of my favorite fem, Calena.

She was perfection: tall and slender with a tiny waist, mounds of red-gold hair, small, but natural breasts, and a stunningly beautiful face that could have graced any magazine. Unlike many fems who thought only of their own pleasure, she never failed to tease and delight me before fulfilling my need for sex and blood.

I sighed. Calena was in Paris. She’d wanted me to go with her but that had been impossible. With Liam now of age, it was time to observe and celebrate one of our coming of age vampiric rituals.

Calena was probably happily mired in an orgy of the excesses common to our kind while I was about to spend a long and unfulfilling weekend with some human woman of Liam’s choosing. Considering his taste in women, hope did not spring eternal for an enjoyable weekend.

“We’re ready to leave, Gray.”

Oh hell. Let the torture begin. I opened my eyes.

A tall, dark Native American male stood in the living room doorway. After twenty years of my guidance, Liam was now a full-blood vampire and finally exuded the unshakable confidence our kind should always possess and display.

Nevertheless I detected a hint of uncertainty in him that would be unbecoming with anyone but myself—his mentor and vampire father. The upcoming foray was his first attempt at planning a feast in which I would participate. His prior attempts with the others had been less than inspiring.

Still, aware that it was time to afford him the opportunity to choose to leave or remain home, I decided I needed to do all I could to bolster his confidence. I found it difficult to admit how loathed I would be to see what I considered my youngest son strike out on his own.

“Everything is set,” he went on. “I think you’re going to be surprised but pleased with the woman I’ve chosen as your partner for this weekend.”

I doubted that. When you’d lived as long as I had, there truly was nothing new under the sun—particularly when it came to human women. While I readily admitted that occasionally ingesting a human woman’s blood sometimes gave me a raging hard-on, the pleasure wasn’t worth the shit you had to put up with to get it.

Of course, I could easily have taken as much human blood as I liked without permission, but the days when I looked on humans as sub-par creatures who existed solely for the benefit of our kind had ended when I met a human whose friendship I valued.

Long after he and his sons were dead, thoughts of his living great grandchildren, The Grayhawks, helped keep me from reverting to type. So when I wanted sexual gratification I always sought out a fem who knew all the intricacies of pleasing a male of any species.

Unfortunately, that choice would be unavailable for me this weekend. Still, even if the woman of Liam’s choice left me cold, I would attempt to pretend I found her acceptable.

“Guiding her wasn’t easy but I know how you like diversity and at least a semblance of a challenge, Gray.”

“Too true,” I nodded. Like her or not, I would do nothing to shatter Liam’s newfound confidence.

“Then you’re looking forward to meeting her?”

Hell no but this weekend might be our last together for some time. Even with three of the others visiting, I knew I would miss Liam when he left. It was probably time I found myself a fem or two and settled down. I knew Calena had no desire to settle down—but I planned to change her mind once I no longer had to devote so much of my time to Liam.

I’d have to somehow get through the coming nights without showing any hint of displeasure. Of course, had I known what would happen when I met Liam’s choice, I would have called the weekend off. But even a centuries old vampire can’t foretell the future and so I smiled and rose. “Offhand I can’t think of anything I’d miss it for.”

Noting the pleased look on his face, I slapped his cheek. “Let’s go fuck and feed.”


India Darren


“Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

I gave my best friend Neema a quick look before I considered my reflection in the full-length mirrors on the back of the resort closet doors. “I don’t know,” I said.

“What’s not to know?” Neema demanded.

I shrugged. After years of wearing nothing more than foundation and lipstick, I hardly recognized the reflection that stared back at me through the artificial lashes, subtle eye shadow, and the ridiculously expensive lipstick two shades darker than the one I normally wore.

“I feel and look like—”

“A woman who is long overdue for some me time and lots of sex—with a man!”

Recalling my collection of BOBs that had provided my only sexual release for the last six years, I had to admit sex and more sex was numbers one through ten on my to-do list for the current long weekend.

I glanced over my shoulder at her. “Okay, but I just don’t feel like myself.”

“Hasn’t anyone told you that all work and no wanton sex makes Indie a very uptight sister?”

Unable to dispute the truthfulness of the statement, I laughed.

“Take it from me, girl. You’re going to be glad you came—and so are some lucky young studs.”

I glanced down at the outrageously priced outfit I’d fallen in love with that morning in the resorts’ costume shop. The built-in bra of the soft pink silk blouse cupped and emphasized my large breasts. It also showed my cleavage and left me feeling as if I was flaunting my body.

The well-made blouse did its best to flatten my decidedly round belly as much as possible. The matching trousers clung to the swell of my ass, which I knew to be too round and too large.

I frowned. “Thanks, but let’s face it, Neema. I look like what I am—a horny plus-sized forty-two-year-old cougar on the prowl and prepared to pay for the pleasure of spending the weekend fucking a young, hard-bodied hunk.”

“You say that as if there’s something wrong with that.”

Laughing, I turned from the mirrors to look at Neema with a touch of envy. Tall and naturally graceful, the short, white leather outfit Neema wore complimented her dusky skin perfectly as did her expertly made-up face.

“You’re staring,” Neema pointed out.

I nodded. “Have you looked in the mirror lately? I’m pretty pleased with how I look tonight, but who’s going to even notice with you around?”

“Get real, Indie. I had a peek in the bar before I came up to dress.”


“And it was filled with so many hunks I nearly came just thinking about tonight. There’s more than enough to go around and share. If we want the same man, we’ll flip for him. Whoever wins the coin toss gets him tonight. The loser gets him tomorrow night.” She winked.

“God, I hope so,” I said before glancing down at my cleavage, so on display I felt as if it were almost staring back at me. “The last time I had so much flesh showing I wore a bikini—in the distant past.”

“Feels good, huh?”

I smiled. Neema had a charming way of putting a positive spin on almost every situation. “It feels wanton.”

Neema grinned. “This long weekend is all about letting our hair down and getting buck naked and totally wild while fucking like shameless and insatiable alley cats in heat. That’s what As You Like It is about,” she said of the expensive resort where we’d be spending the next four nights and five days.

After putting my love life on hold while I struggled to establish my commercial cleaning business, I was more than ready for an orgasm generated by a real cock instead of one of my trusty BOBs. “I know and I’m not sorry I came.”

“I should hope not since coming here was your idea,” she reminded me.

I nodded. “I know. I still can’t believe I was the one talking you into coming.”

“Yeah,” she feigned a frown. “What was up with that, girl?”

I’d found a magazine profiling the hedonistic resort outside my apartment door one morning on my way to work. After reading the article several times, I’d been driven by an impulse I couldn’t resist, to call As You Like It and make reservations for Neema and myself. Then I’d spent a week convincing her to accompany me.

“The magazine made a visit here sound so liberating.” Especially after those graphic dreams and that sexy baritone urging me to come. I shook my head. “To be honest, I almost felt compelled to come.”

“Compelled? Sounds a little delusional to me, girl.”

Maybe so but those dreams had felt so real and had filled me with a certainty that I would find my dream lover here—if I summoned the nerve to come. Lord. I sounded delusional even to myself. I laughed. “It feels that way and I probably should be sorry. Still, I am so ready for a real relationship that I should be home trying to meet someone my own age instead of slumming at a cougar retreat.”

Neema laughed. “Get a grip, girl. Neither of us came here expecting anything but hot, sleazy sex. You can start your search for Mr. Right when we return home. So that’s enough talk. Let’s go lay the groundwork for spending the next four nights getting fucked silly—all fucking night long.”

The thought of having a one-night stand still rubbed me the wrong way. But all refusing to have even an occasional one had gotten me was a hectic life devoid of all masculine intimacy. I was so hungry to feel a real cock in my pussy, I was ready to kidnap a man and hold him hostage until he fucked me senseless.

I nodded, dismissing any remaining doubts. Twenty minutes later, Neema and I stood along one wall of the hotel ballroom, nursing drinks.

“Oh my God. What happened? Where are all the hunks I saw earlier?” Neema demanded. “There’s not a single male here I’m willing to part my legs for.”

I shook my head. “Each man who’s looked over here has been stopped in his tracks by that firm, unmistakable shake of your head and your don’t-even-think-about-bringing-your-sorry-ass-my-way look.”

Neema shrugged. “You think I’m being picky?”

“Hmmm. Let me think. Yes!”

“Hey! I don’t give it up for just any Tom, Dick, or Harry. Besides, do you see any likely candidates?”

Although I was hungry for sex, I saw her point. If I were going to keep my self-respect, I couldn’t just hop into bed with a man who didn’t make my knees buckle. Even if I couldn’t admit it to myself, I was holding out hope that he was here. I suppressed a sigh of frustration. All the men present were attractive enough to grace the cover of an upscale women’s magazine but appeared young enough to be my son. And none of them were him.

Surely, such men were on the prowl for a sugar mama. I’d worked too hard for too long to allow a male prostitute to latch onto me. “No,” I admitted. “But it’s early—”

“Oh, my God! The door. The door. Look who just came in, Indie!”

I looked towards the ballroom entrance. A tall, exquisitely built man dressed as Zorro stood in the doorway, surveying the room. He had wide shoulders, a nice size chest, long, muscular legs, and exuded an air of power and stunning sensuality.

Seen in profile, he had chiseled lips, a deep tan, and short blond hair. The moment I saw the blond Zorro I knew he was why I’d come. It was him—my dream lover in the flesh!

A shock of desire and heat shot through me when he abruptly turned to look in our direction—almost as if he felt our combined eyes locked on him.

As in my erotic dreams, he had dark green eyes and appeared to be in his late twenties. I was vaguely aware of three tall males behind him, but once he looked into my eyes, I happily lost myself in his gaze. I’d never experienced such an immediate and powerful sexual attraction to any man.

I had the sexy sensation that he looked into my soul, exploring my deepest desires and needs. My heart thundered while my pussy flooded at the thought of surrendering to the surge of unbridled lust and wanton hunger I felt. I knew he could satisfy me as no other man ever had.

I longed to rush across the room, fling myself into his arms, and beg him to take me— right there in the middle of the ballroom. The hint of danger I sensed in him excited me but gave me momentary pause.

Yet, unable to tear my gaze from his, my eyes begged him to choose me to satisfy his hunger. Come let me be your sugar mama, handsome. Please.

One of the men behind him whispered something to him.

He nodded and keeping his eyes on me, he moved across the room, tiny fires burning in his green gaze.

My breath caught in my throat. The most incredibly handsome man I’d ever seen outside a movie screen and my dreams was headed in my direction—hopefully with lust in his heart and loins. He carried himself with the confidence of a man used to having his way with all the women in his life.

With his looks and masculinity I suspected he’d probably slept with more women than he could remember. Not that I cared about anything but having my name added to that list.

“Oh…my…God, Indie!” Neema squeezed my wrist so tightly I nearly spilled my drink. “He’s coming this way!”

He’d better be—after the way he’d been inexplicably haunting my dreams!

“Wish me luck, Indie!”

“Wish you—what?” I tore my gaze away from Zorro to stare at Neema. “What?”

“Wish me luck!”

A lump of disappointment nearly choked me at the import of her words. Of course he was heading our way—to Neema!

No! My heart screamed in protest. No! He was the man from my dreams! He had to be there to fulfill my fantasies. Not hers. Mine. Mine!

Neema put her glass down on a nearby table. “Don’t wait up, Indie.”

I watched with a feeling of sick envy as Neema gracefully crossed the room to meet my dream lover.


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