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Stormwaters: Family Night

©2012 Marilyn Lee

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Amanda Lyle


Oh…my…God! Those three words echoed in my head. Standing by a huge in-ground pool at a large country estate staring, I watched in shock as three handsome men climbed out of the pool and casually pulled off their bathing trunks.

I was no prude or shrinking violet. At twenty-nine, I’d had my share of lovers and I was unashamed of totally enjoying sex. But oh…my…God! Each man was shockingly well-hung and fully aroused.

Earlier in the week, my friends and coworkers, Julia and Donna had convinced me. I owed it to myself to accompany them to a country house party for a last fling before deciding if I really wanted to have an exclusive relationship with my on-again off-again boyfriend Jerry.

They’d warned me everyone would be letting their hair down. But this? Handsome, hunky, fully erect men stripping naked in front of strange women?

“It’s that kind of par-tae.”

I swung around in time to see the petite and pretty Julia tear off her clothes and rush forward.

One of the men with dark hair and blue eyes, caught her by the waist, lifted her off her feet, and thrust his hips upward, sending his big cock up into her pussy.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” She moaned and arched into him.

He brushed her long blond hair aside and bent to kiss her neck.

She shuddered and shook.

They were both still for several moments.

I frowned as I saw a trickle of blood on the corner of his mouth. Damn. He must really have bitten her hard. But apparently she enjoyed it because they started fucking each other wildly in full view of everyone. Within a minute, she was clearly coming hard and enjoying every second.

I bit my lip and felt my heartbeat increasing as he continued to fuck her—raw.

“Damn that looks good.”

I tore my gaze away from Julia to see Donna, now naked, fingering her pussy and pinching her nipples. “You didn’t tell me this was going to be so…that people would be fucking in public.”

“That’s the best way to fuck,” she said, keeping her gaze on Julia, who appeared to be having yet another climax.

“You know damned well I didn’t expect anything like this when I agreed to come, Donna.”

“I know, but you’re here now. So where’s the big deal? Relax, Mandy and believe me when I tell you that you’ll never have another weekend as wild and as satisfying as this one. Now, get naked, jump on a hard cock, and live a little girl,” she said and rushed by me.

She tossed herself at a tall, beautifully muscular male with dark silky looking hair, dark eyes, and a huge cock. “Kimo, lover. Let’s get reacquainted!”

Smiling, he drew her down to the ground and gently parted her thighs.

She wiggled her hips and smiled up at him.

He kissed the toes of each foot before he trailed his lips up her left thigh to her slit.

Okay. This is too much, Mandy. You are not going to stand here and watch him eat her.

He cupped her ass in his hands and tilted her hips.

I couldn’t look away as he bent with his tongue extended and slipped it inside her.

“Oh, Kimo. You have a devilish tongue. Eat me, handsome.”

He did and I stood and watched every second until she came. Then he rose, gripped his huge cock in one hand, and placed it at her slit.

Like, Julia, Donna was a pretty, petite blonde. Like Julia, she was getting ready to be fucked.

He suddenly looked up and smiled at me as he slowly drove every inch of himself into her.

“Oh, Lord, Kimo, you’re spitting me open!” she whimpered but grabbed his ass to pull him closer.

“Then you’ll die a happy, well-fucked wench, won’t you?” he demanded as he began to fuck her with a slow, deep precision that I almost imagined I could feel.

Unable to look away, I watched his tight ass clench each time he thrust into her and was so aroused, my pussy flooded.

At that moment I would have given anything to be at home kneeling on my hands and knees as a fully aroused Jerry pushed his big, hard cock deep into my pussy and rode me as if I was his mare.

I inhaled slowly and moved closer.

The third male with dark blue eyes arched a brow and looked at me.

My gaze locked on his cock, bobbing gently above his ripped abs as he rocked his hips slightly.

Oh…my Lord! Did I dare rush forward and let him fuck me? Gloriously raw?