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Sweet Insanity Excerpt

Sweet Insanity @2013 by Marilyn Lee

Sweet Insanity blurb

A one-night stand goes awry and turns into sweet insanity

Expecting to meet a man worth pursuing a serious relationship with at a singles’ bar is sheer insanity. Yet, Kira Harden finds herself unable to forget the big, Native American hunk with whom she spent several magical hours. But there’s little chance their encounter meant anything to him since he left in the dark of night while she slept.

His inability to keep the intriguing plus-size Kira Harden out of his mind no matter how many other women he beds is sheer insanity for Carter Dean. Yet, seeing her again would be a mistake because she wants marriage and kids. Happily divorced with two college-aged sons, Carter wants neither. But when he finally surrenders to his need to see her again he finds himself lost in a fog of sweet insanity that doesn’t bode well for the future he’d mapped out for himself.

“You look like a man in need of a dance partner.”

Seated alone in a booth at the back of a pick-up bar, Carter Dean put down his untouched drink. Glancing up he found himself looking into the confident gaze of an average looking woman with lovely brown skin, intriguing eyes, and a warm, inviting smile that immediately flooded his mind with thoughts of a long night of unbridled sex.

He suddenly knew why he’d rebuffed all other attempts to pick him up that night by other women.

The unexpected desire caught him unawares. She definitely was not his usual type. He liked his women considerably thinner with a peaches and cream complexion and preferably blue or green eyes. And lately, a little younger than the woman in front of him. Of course his latest foray into younger women had been anything but successful.

But there would be time to reassess his romantic choices later. As he looked at the woman standing near his booth, he decided the evening’s prospects had brightened considerably.

Realizing he was alternately staring at her breasts and her lips, he centered his gaze on her eyes. Damn. Both blue and green eyes were overrated. A man could happily lose himself in the warm, deep, dark depths of her eyes.

An anxious look settled into her gaze and she moistened her lips.

Stop staring, get a grip, and answer her question, Dean before she decides to move on to greener pastures. He blinked. “Excuse me?”

“I said you look like a man in need of a dance partner.”

He found her slightly husky voice sexy. She appeared to be in her early thirties. That was ten years his junior and more importantly it was old enough for her to know that strange men in such bars had one thing on their minds – and it wasn’t dancing.

At forty– three he had long since tired of one night–stands. But Jill had stood him up for the last damned time while she went fucking another man. He hadn’t actually caught her in the act, but he knew she was cheating. Of course he had only his own ego to blame. What man in his right mind imagined a woman seventeen years his junior wouldn’t find an excuse to spend time with men closer to her own age under the “guise” of friendship? Well the little bitch had stood him up once too often while entertaining a “friend” on his damned dime.

“How very perceptive of you,” he said. “Do you have anyone in mind?”

He noted a spark in her dark gaze before she spoke. “Actually, I’m available and longing for a dance myself. Will I do?”

Normally, she definitely would not have done for a slow dance partner. But he was lonely, angry and horny. He and Jill hadn’t had sex for weeks since he wasn’t interested in sleeping with a woman who was hopping into bed with another man. Besides, for some reason, she definitely would do – at least for the night. Why? There was something about her he liked on sight and because a woman who seemed to find him attractive enough to pick him up was just what the ego doctor ordered. Provided, of course, she knew the rules of the game and was prepared to abide by them.

“That depends,” he said.

“On what?”

Although he had never spent the night with a full figured woman, he suddenly decided it might be interesting to undress her and discover what treasures lay beneath the dark red dress that clung so enticingly to her body. He rose and motioned to the seat opposite his. “Join me and we’ll discuss it,” he invited.

After a slight hesitation she slipped into the booth facing him. “What does it depend on?” she asked

He resumed his seat. “On whether or not you’re in the mood to cheer me up.” And to have a little fun without any unrealistic expectations.


He paused, uncertain how to interpret her oh. Was she annoyed, excited, uncertain, or just indifferent? “Are you?”

She moistened her lips.

Watching the tip of her tongue glide across her mouth aroused him. Damn. He was horny. Everything about her seemed to invoke thoughts of sex. Dragging his gaze from her lips he looked into her eyes. Noting the indecision in her gaze he resisted the urge to try to influence her decision.

One of the benefits of his Native American ancestry was being on the receiving end of the mystique many women held about Native American males. He’d rarely met a woman he couldn’t talk into bed with very little effort.

“That depends on what you mean by cheer you up,” she finally said.

While he was in no mood to play games, he saw no need to be crude. His mother had always taught him to treat every woman as much like a lady as possible. He shrugged and locked his gaze on hers. “Given our surroundings, you can assume it means just what you think it does.”

He watched her sink her teeth into her lip. The sudden urge he felt to lean over and kiss her full, lush looking lips proved difficult to resist. He shifted his gaze to her breasts. Thoughts of touching and kissing the large mounds excited his already aroused passions, but he waited for her response in silence.

“I was looking for a dance partner,” she said.

The hell she was. Women did not come there in search of a dance partner, or even for an innocent drink. With its dim lighting, suggestive music, erotic grinding masquerading as dancing, and available discount to the adjacent motel, this was the kind of place a woman on the prowl came to in order to secure a partner for a night of wanton sex. If that’s what she wanted and needed, he was definitely her man. And for the night at least—he wanted her to be his woman.

But perhaps she needed the pretense of romance before she slept with a stranger. Although she certainly looked old enough to know how to play the game, he decided it wouldn’t hurt to give her what she wanted in the hope that she’d give him what he needed that night—sex with no strings attached.

He smiled and rose. “You’ve found one.” He extended his hand.

She looked up at him, her full lips parted slightly.

More damned second thoughts? Why the hell had she come to Eve’s Garden if she wasn’t sure she wanted a one-night stand? He was in no mood to hold her hand while she decided if she had on her big girl thong or not. He glanced around the bar. If she weren’t interested, there were other women there who were.

Unfortunately, she was definitely the one with whom he wanted to spend the night. Nevertheless, he would not press her or try to coerce her in anyway. Turning his attention back to her, he arched a brow. “Ladies’ choice.” Please make the right one. Spend the night with me and let me discover all the joys of caressing every dark inch of your body.

After another moment of indecision she finally rose and extended her hand.

Yes! Relieved, he took her soft, warm hand in his. He felt an immediate and cock hardening rush of desire. Fuck! He wanted to bed her. But for the moment the road leading to her bed would start with what he was sure would be the sweetest dance he’d enjoyed in years. “My name is Carter.”

“Mine is Kira.”

* * *
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