Marilyn Lee's Love Bytes

He exhaled. “Then why are you so overdressed? Turn around and take off the shirt.”

Heart pounding, she turned and slowly gripped the edges of his tee shirt to lift it over her head. Standing in just the chemise, hose, and heels, she glanced over her shoulder.

His gaze was locked on her rear end. “You have a very nice ass.”

“It’s rather large.”

He nodded. “So I noticed. It’s large and round—just as a real woman’s ass should be.” He abruptly raised his gaze to her lips. “At the risk of sounding like I have a one track mind, could we just get the first one out of the way?”

“The first what?”


Oh hell yeah! She moistened her lips and slowly turned to face him.

He held out his hand, looking into her eyes.

She walked across the kitchen towards him.

He took her hand in his and brushed the fingers of his other hand against her cheek. “In case I haven’t already told you, I’m so happy to have you here.”

She leaned into him. “Show me. Please.”

“You have such soft, dark, beautiful skin. Everything about you is sexy and beautiful.” He slipped his other arm around her waist and drew her close. “I don’t know how I managed to keep my hands off you last night.”

His cologne heightened her awareness of him. The feel of his hard body against hers sent a jolt of raw need through her. The time for talking was past. She lifted her chin with her lips parted and her tongue extended.

He bent his head.

She closed her eyes.

He brushed his warm, insistent mouth against the corners of hers.

“Oh Braden. I want you.”

“And I want you, love,” he whispered before he drew her into his arms and kissed her.

She clung to him, eagerly returning the warm, deep kiss as he stroked his hands over her body.

Each teasing caress filled her with heat and the need to feel his thick cock sliding deep inside her.

She trembled, touching her tongue to his.

He settled his lips overs hers.

Yes. Oh God, yes!

He kissed her with a slow, deliberate passion that left her trembling with need.

She slipped her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts against his chest.

He made an incoherent sound as he continued to kiss her.

She moaned, her desire for him overwhelming her.

He slid his hands down her back to palm her cheeks.

Neida loved having her bare ass touched. She ground herself against his groin, trying to show him how much she wanted and needed him inside her.

He deepened his kiss, sweeping his tongue into her mouth while he pressed her against his lower body.

Feeling the delicious hardening of his cock, she rubbed her breasts against his chest, her pussy flooding.

Price: $5.99
Price: $5.99