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His,Hers or Theirs


His, Hers or Theirs Excerpt

(c)2013Marilyn Lee


Eighteen hours after the encounter at the pool which seemed to have dredged up old hungers, I was back in Philly. After a quick stop at a florist to buy a dozen roses and a box of her favorite white chocolates, I arrived at Larrae’s condo. Surprised to find her second space occupied by a large, dark, luxury SUV, I parked on a quiet, tree-lined street three blocks away.

I hoped whichever one of her girlfriends was spending the night was a sound sleeper because I planned to fuck her hard and long the moment I walked into her place. I smiled, relieved that lust for her filled my thoughts rather than for another man.

I recalled our first meeting as I quickly walked back to her complex. I’d accompanied a potential investor to Club Unique which catered to those whose desires extended beyond pole thin women.

My cock had hardened as I’d watched the tall, twenty-seven-year-old with the lush dark skin caressing her big, natural breasts and fingering her own pussy while dancing naked with all the confidence and allure of a women with the body of a super model. Not that I’d ever been particularly attracted to thin women. Cindi’s mom and all the women I’d dated since college had been plump. There were few things as exciting as a woman with a big, round ass that bounced so deliciously as I fucked her.

I’d returned to the club later that night to ask her out. She’d refused. I’d had to ask her two more times over three weeks before she finally agreed to go out with me. Two weeks after our first date, I’d been hooked after a long night of sizzling fucking. Although I wish she hadn’t, she’d continued to dance at the club. Despite our passionate sexual relationship, I sometimes wondered if I were her only lover. I never pressed the issue because she satisfied my emotional and sexual needs.

Once Cindi left home to attend Berkley, Larrae and I had become an unofficial couple. Without any spoken promises of exclusivity, I’d stopped dating other women. We exchanged keys and I was content. We vacationed together and if her schedule allowed, she sometimes accompanied me on brief business trips—during which we fucked as often as possible. Of course lately, she hadn’t been able to accompany me.

With thoughts of slipping one of the sweet chocolates between her slit and then eating it and her pussy, I glanced at my watch. Eleven-fifty p m. Larrae kept early hours during the workweek. I dismissed a brief feeling of unease and smiled at the thought of waking her with a long, hungry kiss before a night of totally satisfying sex.

Soft, muted music greeted me when I stepped into the foyer lit by a night light. Quietly making my way to the living room, I slipped the roses in a vase on one of the end tables. Larrae and I both slept in the nude so we wouldn’t have to waste time undressing.

I needed to be inside her and feel her pussy caressing and loving my shaft as if it were her sole source of sexual delight—as her pussy was for me. I quickly stripped, firmly dismissing an errant thought of the blonde. After the first thrust into her tight pussy, all thoughts of male lust would quickly be driven from my head.

Noting the light coming from the bedroom, I smiled. We generally fucked with the lights on because Larrae liked to watch my cock sliding between her legs and into her pussy. My nostrils flared at the unmistakable aroma of sex filling the air. She must have pleasured herself before falling asleep—hopefully thinking of me and my cock.

Stepping into the open bedroom doorway, I looked into the room. The chocolates slipped from my hands. What the fuck!

Larrae sprawled on her stomach. Her sassy ass cheeks looked as if they’d been spanked. Murmuring in her sleep, she rolled onto her back. A smile curves her full, lush lips. Her parted thighs glistened with her juices and cum! An open pair of fur-lined handcuffs lay on the floor near the foot of the bed along with several articles of clothing, including a pair of briefs.

What the fuck! I raked a hand through my hair, feeling a sense of betrayal viewing the clear evidence that the woman I’d given up whoring around for had another lover—one who had probably been fucking her while I’d been horny while away but celibate.

While I stood stunned, a toilet flushed. Water ran. Shit! The bastard was still there.

Moments later, a yawning, naked male emerged from the adjourning bathroom. “Wake up, sweet. Time for round three.”

A shock of desire shook me. Unable to stop myself, I allowed my gaze to feast on him. In his own way, he was as sexy and beautiful as Larrae. Thick dark hair framed a handsome face. He was tall and clearly took care of his body. A sprinkling of dark hair trailed down a wide chest and over ripped abs. A dick I guessed must be less than three inches shorter than my own ten-inch shaft jutted from a mass of dark pubic hair. A set of big balls hung below. Damn. I must be regressing to my senior year of college because I couldn’t help thinking that he had a sexy body.

I dragged my gaze back to the face of the male who stared at me from a pair of dark blue, mesmerizing eyes. I couldn’t help noting he possessed a short but sensual bottom lip that looked as if it knew how to enjoy a heated but moist lip lock. While he didn’t look much older than the San Francisco blond, the sexual attraction I felt was much more powerful. It rivaled the one I’d felt for Jeff.

During the last five months of our senior year, although we continued to fuck various women, we also were still sexually attracted to each other. So between our various trysts with nearly every available woman, I fucked Jeff every chance I got. Some nights, when we were particularly horny, we went out separately to fuck women and returned later to spend the rest of the night in bed with each other. But after that day, we never fucked without a condom.

After graduation, we spent four weeks in Mexico, drinking and fucking every chance we got. Our last fuck had been on a moonlight beach with the water rolling over our feet. We returned home to take jobs in different states, which ended our sexual relationship. We’d kept in touch and generally saw each other at least once a year but we had never fucked again and had both soon been happily married.

Later, I told myself my fear of another unplanned pregnancy I couldn’t financially afford had driven me into Jeff’s arms. I’d never had sex with another male. Nor had I wanted to. So the resurgence of my lust for male ass confused me. My sexual inclinations had been exclusively confined to beautiful, full-figured women for the past twenty years. They did not extend to men—especially men who looked almost young enough to pass for a teenage boy.

He stared at my groin.

Remembering that I was erect, I resisted the urge to cover my cock.

He spoke in a low, baritone that sent shivers of desire dancing up my groin to tighten my balls. “Holy shit, man. Larrae wasn’t exaggerating when she said you had a dick that wouldn’t quit. You are Kent. Aren’t you?”


“How long is that thing?”


Price: $3.49

Price: $3.49