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In Blood and Worth Loving 3: Kiss Excerpt

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Desiree Parker woke from an erotic dream of being ravaged by her favorite Native American hunk to find herself lying naked in bed with his big nude body curled along her back. With his deliciously cool lips caressing her ear, his shaft pressed against her ass, and a palm cupped between her legs, he inhaled slowly and deeply as if completely content.

Well. That made one of them who was even remotely satisfied.

What should have been a morning after filled with warm memories of a long night of love and satisfied lust, was instead one filled with mounting frustration because there had been no satisfaction to savor. Like so many times before, after he had rebuffed her romantic overtures and supposedly left for the night she had fallen asleep alone.

Following his annoying pattern he had returned uninvited, undressed them both, and slipped into bed with her as if he had a right to be there. Now he had the gall to nibble her ear and cup her breasts and pussy possessively; as if he had every right to arouse her passions when he had no intentions of satisfying them. Feeling his palm rubbing her nipples, she knew a fresh surge of frustration was just seconds away.

Damn him and his self-centered behavior that continually frustrated her. “That’s enough!” She angrily shoved her elbow into his ribs and scrambled from the circle of his embrace.

“Not for me it isn’t,” he said.

Before she could slide off the bed, he reached out and despite her struggles, easily drew her close again. He gently raked his teeth against her neck. I love the feel and taste of your warm, dusky skin and the delicious aroma of your sweet pussy.

Having him project the thought directly into her mind magnified the words effects. She tensed with anticipation, eager to experience the exquisite sensation of his teeth piercing her skin quickly followed by feeling her blood flowing into his mouth and knowing she was helping sustain him.

Although, often just having his nude, aroused body pinning hers to the bed while he ingested her blood was sufficiently arousing to make her come, she longed to feel the double pleasure of having his cock sliding deep inside her while he fed on her. But that was a pleasure he continued to deny them both.

Resisting the urge to curl her body against his, she shoved at his shoulders. “Let me go!”

“Why would I do that before I’ve had the chance to feel the sweetest, most addictive blood in the world flowing between my lips, over my tongue, and down my throat? Do you have any idea what the taste of your blood does to me?” He shuddered, reminding her that he too often climaxed while ingesting her blood.

When they both came, it was sweet, but not enough. She needed to feel his big, muscular body joining with hers in the most intimate and satisfying quest for physical satisfaction imaginable–sexual intercourse. “Because I said so.”

When she continued to struggle, he effortlessly turned her onto her back. Before she could protest, he slipped between her parted legs, effectively pinning her to the bed with his big body. “And what if I find that an insufficient reason for stopping?”

His semi erect cock lay against her belly like a heavy weight she longed to feel greedily impaling her.

She curled her hands into fists at her sides. This time she would not surrender or give him the satisfaction of caressing him. If she did, he would again have his way and would have no reason to give her what she needed.

He took her hands and placed them on his tight ass.

Even though she loved touching him, she jerked them back to her sides.

He frowned, a look of annoyance in his blue gaze. “I’m beginning to wonder what it is about you that keep me coming back.”


“Why are you always so damned cranky in the mornings?”

After so many months of his refusal to either take their relationship seriously or to leave her alone so she could pursue a relationship with another man, her frustration level was at an all-time high. And he didn’t seem to care anymore than he had the first night they’d met when he had frustrated her by refusing to fuck her while sharing a double size lounger with her all night long.

How could such an intelligent man be so dense? Maybe his two happily married brothers were the exception. Maybe as vampires went, they were abnormal. With her luck, as a normal vampire, Conner really was incapable of feeling any of the emotions she longed to share with him. Maybe he’d already given her all he had to give.

If that were true, why wouldn’t he leave her in peace? “Why the hell do you think?”

He deliberately rubbed his cock against her body, allowing the hardening head to come into delicious contact with her clit.

She caught her breath.

He pushed his hips upward, forcing his cockhead against her clit.

She shook with need.

“Damn. Feels good. Doesn’t it?”

“Let me up,” she whispered.

Instead, he pushed against her clit again and whispered to her.  “If you keep this up, I’m going to take my dick and my business elsewhere.”

Like that would be a lost. Lord save her from sexy but clearly delusional vampires. “What business?” She brought her hands up to shove against his shoulders. “If you think you can find another woman willing to take your endless shit, be my guess. Go plague her and leave me in peace to find a man who knows what the hell is supposed to happen when he undresses a woman and slips naked and uninvited into her bed!”

He gripped her hips and continued to hump her. “You disappoint me, Desiree.”

She struggled to control her desire as he tilted her hips and his body just enough to allow her to briefly feel the head of his shaft rub against her entrance.

Oh God. She parted her legs and pushed her hips off the bed–just as he eased his hips up and away from her slit. Only to push back down when her hips rested on the mattress again.

Damn him! Why the fuck did he keep torturing her? “Tough shit. Do us both a favor and go find someone who won’t disappoint you because I’ve had about as much of you as I can take.”

His dark blue gaze narrowed and he stilled the bittersweet movement of his cock along her slit. “What are you saying?”

How dense could one man be? “I want you out of my life in general and out of my bed in particular.” And she wanted the cock he refused to slip into her out of intimate contact with her pussy and clit.

He inhaled slowly and rubbed the offending shaft against her, sending a jolt of pure lust throbbing along the most sensitive and hungry nerves in her body. “I know our relationship is not ideal, sweet, but–”

“Not ideal? It’s a nightmare for me, Conner.”

“Don’t be so damned melodramatic, Desiree.”

“It’s a nightmare,” she insisted. “And I need it to end.”

He stiffened on top of her. “When you say end what exactly do you mean?”

Although he’d had no formal education himself at the time, he had homeschooled his adopted niece so successfully that when she had entered high school she had gone on to become class valedictorian. So he was an intelligent man–except when it came to Desiree. Then his ignorance, along with his desire for sexual torture, knew no bounds.

“You are not welcome in my bed. Is that plain enough for you? If so, kindly get the hell off me.”

Instead of complying, he wrapped his arms around her, nibbled at her neck, and deliberately rocked his lower body against hers. “Are you sure you want me to stop before we both come?” he asked, his voice deepening with passion.

“Yes! Now get the hell off me, Conner!”

To her surprise, he rolled off her and onto his side where he lay staring at her with a cool look in his dark blue eyes. “What the hell is wrong with you, Desiree?”

“You’re what’s wrong with me, Conner!”

“Me? Because I don’t treat you like a slut or a whore and fuck you every chance I get, I’m the bad guy?”

Although she’d never made any secret of her attraction to him, she resented his attempt to make her sound like some cock crazy ho just because she longed for sexual intimacy. “You are free to fuck or not fuck whoever the hell you like, Conner and I’m free to stop wasting my time with you and spend it with a man who actually knows how to fuck!”

“I assure you, I know how to fuck.”

“You can’t prove that by me!”

“I don’t need to prove anything to you.” He sat up and turned an angry gaze on her. “I told you the night we met that I no longer dated human women and that I had no romantic or emotional interest in you or any other woman. You knew from the start all I had to offer was friendship.”

“Rubbing your erect cock against my pussy is your idea of friendship?” She sat up, pulling the sheet up to cover her breasts. “I do not sleep naked with my friends. It’s time for you to realize that you cannot have your damned cake and eat it too.”

He compressed his lips. “Au contraire, sweetie. It’s time you realized I can have nearly anything I want.”

Spoken like the truly inconsiderate, self-centered centuries old vampire he was. “No you cannot–at least not this time.”

“We’ve had this conversation before, Desiree. It’s getting old and starting to try my patience.”

“Fuck you and your patience, Conner. I’ve had it. I want you out of my bed, out of my apartment, and out of my life.”

He stared at her. “Are you saying–?”

“For the love of God, Conner, I’m saying I do not want to see you again.”

“Here we go again. For how long this time?”


“That long again?”

She compressed her lips, angered by his refusal to take her seriously. “How much plainer can I make myself? I have no interest in being your friend and I don’t want to see you anymore. You are far too attractive to have to make a nuisance of yourself with me. So please leave me alone and go find yourself a couple of fems to plague.”

He inhaled slowly. “Are you sure you want to do this again?”

Why the hell couldn’t he understand that this time she was serious? She parted her lips.

He held up his hand. “Think carefully before you respond because I just might hold you to your answer this time.”

Although her heart cried out in protest, she nodded. “I’ve already given this a lot of thought, Conner. All you have to offer is your peculiar brand of friendship. I’ve had my fill of that and of you. I don’t want to be your friend and I don’t want to ever wake up again to find you naked in my bed arousing passion you have no intensions of satisfying. I just want you out of my life for good. So please leave me alone. Surely that’s plain enough so even you can understand it.”

His gaze narrowed. As he stared at her, his incisors slowly ascended and his gaze lit up. He leaned forward.

For the first time since he’d told her he was a vampire many months earlier, she experienced a brief hint of fear. She shook it off as she leaned back and moistened her lips. “Please don’t turn all vampire on me, Conner.”

He reached out and curled his fingers in her hair. “It’s time you remembered the fact that I am a full-blood and that it would not be wise for you to keep pissing me off with your incessant human rants.”

“And it’s time for you to let me live my life without your inference and unwanted friendship!”

“Fuck you, Desiree!”

“That’s the idea and once I’m free of you, I might find a man who actually knows how to fuck!”


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