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Marilyn Lee Sampler 2

Marilyn Lee Sampler Two—A trilogy of romance by bestselling I/R author Marilyn Lee.

Beauty Is Alisha Hoover—A Plain Jane Gets Her Man.

Craig Rogers has never considered himself a knight in shining armor. However, when the men at the planet where he and Alisha Hoover work allow her to hear them taking odds on her slime chances of getting a date for the annual company picnic, he feels compelled to invite her to be his date. He never suspects how awry his attempts to be chivalrous will go. Nor does he imagine how one date with the seemingly plain and shy Alisha will soon force him to rethink what makes a woman sexy and desirable.

Any Time Any Place—A shy teacher discovers the healing power of love.

In this short, sweet version of Marilyn Lee’s bestselling full-length erotic romance, Loving Large—Yours, Only And Always, a shy divorced teacher meets a Native American hunk whose desire to get to know her—Any Time Any Place, rekindles her belief in romance.

Large, Shy, And Beautiful—A shy beautiful full-figured woman of faith finds love.

Neida Armstrong is a shy, beautiful, full-figured woman of faith. She’s content to wait for the Lord to send her soul mate. Her best friend insists the Lord helps those who help themselves and is determined to see her happily married to the handsome Braden Elkhorn who they encounter one morning at a local café.

Price: $2.99
Price: $2.99