Book Blurb:

Book One in the Bloodlust Series

Erica Kalai always warns her students against letting teenage boys sweet-talk them into bed. But on her 40th birthday, she encounters a man dressed as her favorite anti-hero, Dracula. One look at the younger handsome man and Erica is soon out of her clothes and into his bed. It won’t take her long to figure out she’s in the arms of a real vampire.

Mikhel Dumont has never been seriously attracted to human women. After all, he’s pledged to the full-blood fem, Deoctra. Fate has another plan for Mikhel and Erica. Drawn to her as only a vampire can be to his bloodlust, Mikhel fights his true feelings, wanting only a hot affair. But even a vampire can only fight so much until he must give in to the inevitable.

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