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Holiday Sizzle

Secret Lover After six years of clandestine sexual romps with the beautiful woman he adores, Caine McGuire issues an ultimatum: either Joya Vincent introduce him to her daughters or her plans to spend Christmas with him will go up in smoke—along with their secret relationship. And Eating It Too After…

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White Christmas

White Christmas Seven years earlier, Taylor Danford’s heart and her dreams of sharing a special white Christmas with her lover, Mark, were shattered when he married another woman. After she learns Mark is divorced, Taylor returns to small town Tanning, determined to seduce him into a brief holiday fling before…

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Last Night With You

Night of Sin 2: Last Night With You The years Makenzie Preston spent running from an abusive and vengeful full-blood have been dangerous and lonely. Although she longs for an intimate relationship with the handsome vamp who reluctantly rescues her, the last thing she needs is another full-blood problem. One…

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