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Moonlight Fervor 2: Moonlight Whispers

Wolf-shifter hybrid Acier Gautier has a tremendous weight resting on his shoulders. Alpha-in-Waiting, he will be the first non-purebred shifter to lead his pack. There are pressing issues demanding his attention before he can take command of Pack Gautier. Not the least of which is the sensuous, dark beauty Raven Monclaire, whose welfare her father has entrusted to Acier. Instead of protecting her from other men, Acier finds himself wanting her with a passion that will make continuing to deny his vampire blood impossible. His unrelenting hunger for her forces him to consider the possibility that she might be his bloodlust, a vampire’s perfect mate.

After graduating from college, Raven tracked down the handsome, mysterious Acier for the express purpose of pursuing an intimate relationship with him. Raven is undeterred when he rejects her romantic overtures. She has always known things she shouldn’t and she has seen a future with Acier. Or it could be the future she saw was with Acier’s twin brother, Etienne, who freely admits to the feelings Acier steadfastly denies.

As Acier and Raven struggle to come to terms with their consuming passion for each other, Acier’s one-time friend, Leon, insists a purebred wolf-shifter should lead Pack Gautier. With the help of a powerful outsider and a vampire fem, Leon challenges Acier for leadership of the pack. For the first time in his life, Acier faces a foe powerful enough to threaten everything dear to him. Desperation drives him to appeal for help to the one person he despites above all, the unknown vampire father who deserted him and Etienne before they were born.


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