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Declan believes that love is a heartache waiting to happen.

His last relationship ended badly, leaving him lonely and restless. Then he meets Haven at a party. She’s younger than he likes and the two have little in common. Except an instant physical attraction. He knows he shouldn’t go after her, but he can’t stop thinking about her.

Haven isn’t looking for anything serious.
She’s enjoying her newfound freedom after ending an intense relationship. Along comes handsome, sexy Declan. Granted, he takes her breath away, but he isn’t marriage material. But then, neither is she.
Plans go astray.
Unable to deny their mutual attraction, they agree to keep things simple and safe by having a fling. But when passions burn deep, and feelings change, things get complicated. Will they break each other’s heart? Or will each find the other is all they need?

Long Line of Love 5: All I Need Coming Soon