This is a picture of one of the reasons I write multicultural romance after two decades

Writing Multicultural Romances After Two Decades


Writing multicultural romances is both an enjoyable and challenging experience. For one, you get to live in a world of diverse cultures and interact with people belonging to diverse groups. You get to experience the various emotions that the characters in the book go through. You can search for inspiration in the most unexpected places.

It is also challenging because you need to deliver these emotions in a manner that is true to the culture and the characters. But once you get the hang of it, it is indeed an exhilarating experience.

Why I Started Writing Multicultural Romances

Years earlier, I had several friends in diverse relationships or married to Caucasian men. They loved reading romance novels, but very few books reflected their particular romance.

When they found out I was writing romance, they encouraged me to write more inclusive stories. That wasn’t an easy sell back when I started in ebooks. I had a tough time getting any of the stories I wrote accepted.

After years of trying, I finally got Dream Lover, my first interracial romance, accepted. That publisher quickly went under. But when I moved to another publisher, I was back to square one.

I wrote the first books for my new publisher, Bloodlust: Conquering Mikhel Dumont, Branded, Road to Rapture, Breathless in Black, and The Fall of Troy, featuring Caucasian couples.

However, I introduced the hero’s brother, Serge, who was interested in a successful Black Attorney, Derri. Readers who read Mikhel’s story with Erica wrote and asked me to write Serge and Derri’s book.

I did, and sales allowed me to concentrate my writing on multicultural romances going forward. Or, as we called it back then, interracial romance. But I’m dating myself.

Why I Started Writing Romances Featuring Plus Size Heroines

I’ve written countless romances since then. In the process, I decided to diverse my writing even more. I wrote the Fall of Troy and discovered there was a market for stories about plus-size women who got their men. My grandmother was part Cherokee, so I wrote my first romance with a Native American hero, Long Line of Love: Nights of Desire, introducing readers to the sexy as sin but hard to land Grayhawk brothers.

As I write this, I finally finished with the fifth book in the series, All I Need. If you love the Grayhawk brothers, get your copy now.

I think the most challenging part of writing multicultural romances is staying true to each culture while ensuring to cast neither in a negative light.

Writing these stories for so many years hasn’t always been easy. But when I see people from all over the world buying and enjoying my books, it’s rewarding.

Why do I still write multicultural romances after two decades when I read mysteries for pleasure? I write them because I still hear from readers who have been with me reading my books for over twenty years. It’s very nice when they write and tell me how they’re reading my Loving Large series (featuring the Elkhorn Brothers) for the second or third time.

Even nicer are the readers who are still discovering my stories for the first time. So, in these challenging times, perhaps reading a romance novel can help readers understand that interracial love is beautiful. The romance genre is perfect for depicting love across color lines. Making multicultural romance novels a unique genre. What could be more exciting than seeing people of diverse cultural backgrounds falling in love?