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Inspirational Romance Box Set

Eye of the Beholder

After the death of his beloved wife, David Jordan struggles to raise his young daughter while coming to terms with the loss of his faith and thwarting his mother’s matchmaking attempts.

Diana Stuart accepts the challenge of helping David find his way back to the Lord. Along the way she hopes David will realize that his young daughter needs a step-mom. Diana sets out to help restore his faith while ensuring her own remains strong.

It Had to Be You

Emotional sparks fly the moment Annalise Lewis and Reed Phillips meet. However, neither is in a position to take advantage of their immediate attraction. Reed is on the verge of proposing to Taylor, the woman he’s chosen as step-mom to his two precocious children. Annalise has spent the previous twenty months struggling to recover from a serious religious stumble which shook her faith.

Nevertheless, their attraction strengthens with each meeting. Reed soon finds himself fighting to justify his relationship with Taylor while Annalise fears her feelings for Reed will endanger her still fragile faith. Caught in the middle are the two kids determined to prevent their father from marrying the wrong woman.