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Loving Large Boxset

Introducing the Elkhorn brothers.

Book 1: Yours, Only and Always

With a failed marriage in her past, Autumn Walker gave up on love. She channeled her energies into helping her students succeed. However, her hopes and passions are roused when she spots a drop-dead gorgeous hunk at a condo association meeting. But what are the chances that the sexy, hard-bodied Native American hunk will even notice her? With the sharp edge of grief of losing his beloved wife dulled, Seneka Elkhorn is ready to date again. He’s never been fond of skinny women with hair he dare not touch. In Autumn he sees a woman with whom he can rediscover love and who will delight in being woman to his man. But first he must convince Autumn that he wants a serious relationship.

Book 2: Yours, Now and Forever

Love and cultural values collide.

Forty-year-old Braden Elkhorn has everything a wealthy, successful man needs–except a wife. As the oldest of four brothers, he feels an obligation to help preserve his Cherokee heritage by marrying a Native American woman. His problem? He’s fallen hard for a shy, full-figured, African-American beauty. Neida Armstrong can’t seem to get love right. Her first love left her to teach in third world countries. After ending a relationship with a second man she didn’t love, she meets and instantly falls for Braden. To her dismay he only wants a summer fling.